Downers Grove Junior Woman’s Club Special Grant 

  Press Release

The application deadline is past-thank you to all the deserving groups who applied.


The Downers Grove Junior Woman’s Club (“DGJWC”), which serves Downers Grove and the surrounding DuPage County community, will be awarding a deserving local Not-For-Profit organization a one-time $10,000 grant to support current and future initiatives. 


Eligibility requirements for the Special Grant:

  • Non-profit status under the Internal Revenue Service code
  • Organization must demonstrate sound responsible financial policies and management
  • The grant must support a project that provides a service not readily available elsewhere
  • The grant addresses a significant funding gap or critical opportunity for which fundraising dollars can provide the greatest long-term impact with measureable results


Application Schedule / Dates:

March 13, 2017:   Grant Application Deadline

March 21, 2017:   Finalists Required to Present Proposal at DGJWC General Meeting

April 18, 2017:      DGJWC Membership Votes

May 23, 2017:      Award presented at DGJWC General Meeting



The following information is required to complete the application. Information should be outlined according to the numbers provided.


  1. General Information for the Organization
  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Website
  4. Primary contact name, phone and email
  5. List of organization’s officers and directors
  6. Number and type of staff in the organization (i.e., program, professional, administrative)
  7. Proof of organization’s non-profit status


  1. Additional Information for the Organization
  1. Mission, purpose and objective of the organization
  2. Brief history of the organization
  3. Number of individuals that benefit from the organization (include age range)
  4. Recent annual report of the organization
  5. Summary of organization’s revenues and expenses for 2014, 2015 and 2016 (if available)
  6. Description of organization’s current fundraising sources
  7. Description of organization’s primary fundraising events (including date, location, primary participants and dollar goals for each event in the coming year)
  8. Brief testimonial from a client/beneficiary of the organization (identifying information can be redacted) (250 words or less)
  9. Brief testimonial from one or more volunteers (250 words or less).  This should speak to the areas of strength, needs, and opportunities the volunteer has noted through their involvement with the organization. 


  1. Special Grant Impact on Organization
    1. Describe the need this grant will address as well as the how the organization will address the need if grant is received
    2. Describe the benefits the organization will gain from a partnership with DGJWC
    3. Describe how the success of the grant will be measured and evaluated



Please scan to PDF and email your completed application and all information to DGJWC at dgjwclub@gmail.com. Finalists will be notified by Friday, March 17th.  Additional information might be requested from the finalist organizations such as audited financial statements, tax returns and operating budget.  Grant will be awarded at the May 23rd General Meeting at 7 pm.