Special Committees


Community Improvement Project

The CIP is a two-year project headed by a special committee chairperson who researches and coordinates a particular need in the community.  The project is presented at a general meeting and voted on by the active club members.

Past projects include placing a heart defibrillator at the YMCA, the RUOK Program, elevated gardens for the handicapped at Mar-duke Farms, the Heart Adventure Challenge course used by the elementary schools in Downers Grove, a Bicycle Helmet Safety Incentive Program done with the Police Department, and providing and maintaining current magazine subscriptions for patients and guests visiting Good Samaritan Hospital.


Federation Reporting

Upon completion of all of our club projects, reports are created for our records and as a reference tool for the member who chairs the project the following year.  Project information is shared with other levels of Junior Woman’s Clubs through annual reports to GFWC of Illinois.  Our Federation Reporting Chairman follows up with our members to assure that these reports are done, keeps tracks of the reports, and tallies and submits these reports to the GFWC.


Downers Grove Handmade Market

Proceeds from the event go into club’s General Fund to support our operating expenses.  Members are required to work  a two to three hour shift during the event.


Safety Town

Safety Town is a two-week program held in August and organized with the Park District and Police Department to instruct 5- and 6-year-old children in home, fire, traffic, and bicycle safety issues.


Mother & Son Gym Jam

Held in January in partnership with The Downers Grove Park District, this evening brings moms and sons together for a night of dancing and games at Downers Grove Recretation Center.